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Naughty babes display their tits and cunt

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

You want them supple breasts and smooth shaven twat, Obsessed with Myself has the perfect photo gallery of fine amateur babes who enjoy showing their tight bodies while camwhoring. Most of them have no problems stripping naked as they do sexy poses while taking pictures at home. They are obviously not new to this and a few did admit that they like going kinky on cam for their boyfriends.

It’s like an everyday thingy for these slutty teen babes as long as they know there are a lot of us who’d be enjoying their photos here on, expect to see more from them. All of them are so vain and, yeah, so obsessed with themselves that they would take selfies in every angle possible. One even went as far as spreading those stems to reveal a wet and inviting cunt, which would probably make you want to jump between her legs and give her what she’s begging for. Yes, these girlfriends will do anything to get your attention and we’re pretty sure you’d never mind spending a few hours with them as you enjoy their hot breasts and bald twats while you play with that stiffy and make yourself cum hard.

Aside from using their time selfshooting wherever they feel like flashing their tight bodies, they’re in constant pursuit of places where they can share their naughtiness and you’re all very lucky they found this site to satisfy your cravings for some sexy amateur bitches teasing in the nude. Never miss a post and make sure to visit us often to catch more of these horny kinky babes as they flaunt their stuff for you to enjoy.

Naughty blonde babe goes topless in hot striptease

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

As if it ain’t enough to be walking around the neighborhood in slutty mini skirts and tattered tops, our new Obsessed with Myself babe wanted to show more than just lil skin through those torn holes on her shirts. She has this homemade amateur video, which she recorded just before her boyfriend arrived at her flat. She was getting into the mood and wanted the night to be extra steamy so she made this clip and planned on watching it with her BF just before their long night together. She likes doing these kinky surprises because her lover gets bored easily and is always on the lookout for new stuff to try in bed.

She has showed herself naked in front of her boyfriend countless times but since it is one of his fantasies, when she strips naked and do some hot dances on videos, she makes it a point to give him just what he wanted all the time. it’s easy to see how much this amateur babe enjoys doing these naughty deeds and it looks like she has been watching too much videos here in too for looking like a pro while doing her stripteasin’. She obviously knows how hot she is and she has a way of flaunting her assets. She’s got sexy stems that we’d like to wrap around our necks while stuffing her tight twat pretty rough with a thick cock. And of course, those tits are hot as fuck and yeah, we would like to fuck those as well. Better watch her full video right here and join us in fantasizing about what this babe and her horny man would do all night with a camera to record all the wild stuff they will come up with.

Amateur Cutie With Tattoos Doing Some Naked Mirror Self Shots

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

For this week’s skanky amateur girlfriend photo updates from Obsessed With Myself, feast your eyes on these hacked photos of a cam whoring tattooed chick with a luscious body! This bad girl has an all natural body which she loves taking pictures of using her mobile phone’s camera! Her sweet hooters looks huge on that fleshy and shapely body and on these snaps, the tattooed amateur whore is tripping it out in front of the mirror! Check out this sultry and brunette gf with tattoos as she slowly takes off all her clothes, baring her yummy mammoth tits and sweet bung as she admires her naked body in front of the mirror! You can see this burning scorching hot chick cupping her mammoth breasts or rubbing her snatch with one hand while her other hand grabs the cell phone, snapping shot after shot and making sure she gives as alluring pose while she whores it out in front of the mirror!

If you love this cam whoring plump and tattooed gf s crazy self shooting snaps then you’ll just have to visit Obsessed With Myself today! There’s plenty cam whoring and self shooting amateur girlfriends inside!

Amateur blonde teener strips on webcam

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

One of the most awaited type of updates here at Obsessed With Myself are those of tiny titted but very explicit sexcam cuties! These type of amateur teen chicks are the best, they aren’t just obsessed with their bodies, the real life bimbos are obsessed on how men drool over their beautiful nakedness! Once such amateur blonde bimbo is featured on this week’s post and this large busted cam girl’s passionate strip show if just fitting to kick off the month of October!

Her name is Clarisse, a platinum blond aged 19 and she just flunked out of college! Her folks still doesn’t know that she’s a dropout and to make ends meet, she gladly whored herself on cam to cam chat rooms, giving wild strip tease performances that are enough to make us sperm instantly! On this teaser clips, see how enchanting this blond cam girl gets, dancing like a sex starved nympho while slowly taking off her clothes! By the time this gf has her huge round titties exposed, her teen vagina is all moist and soaking her alluring knickers!

This dirty blonde bimbo’s strip tease webcam recording are just a taste of what you’ll get your hands on when you visit Obsessed With Myself, there are thousands more photos and video clips of self shooting teens, mirror chicks and sex cam babes to enjoy inside their member’s zone!

Sexy Webcam Teen Teasing Her Bf With A Boob Show

Monday, September 10th, 2012

There’s a lot of pictures and videos of cam whoring amateur teens nowadays that are worthy enough to spill our jism on, but if you like the hottest and most conceited teen amateurs taking images and videos of themselves while being naughty, wearing only their undies or just butt naked… the best place to go check out is Obsessed With Myself! This amateur teenage gf porn site picks the best, hottest and raunchiest pictures and video clips submitted to them.

One such video set is featured on this week’s video update and this amateur babe is just a major tease! All her boyfriend wanted was a for this babe to have her bosom exposed so he can jerk on it! But the slutty webcam gf saw how great she looks on the webcam feeds that she ends up giving an all out boob show! For an amateur, this horny and flirty teen girlfriend sure knows what to do and how to act in front of the cams! If you want to see vain and very slutty real life girlfriends and ex-girlfriends getting their sexy, nude and XXX self shooting pics and videos leaked, head on over at Obsessed With Myself!

Sexy teen in a hot striptease

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Ready for another sizzling Obsessed with Myself edition? Well, you better be because there’s no stopping this amateur chick from showing you a really good time. She likes to make all these videos solely for her boyfriend but she got convinced to share it with the rest of the world and she loved the outcome. Who wouldn’t when you’re this sexy and just game to show off your stuff, right? At first though her BF was a bit hesitant coz he wanted the private shows to remain the way they are but after watching this video together, they say why the hell not give us something as hot and will make a lot more people happy (and horny). So here is our amateur slutty slim girlfriend who has a pretty nice ass on her and those perky tits that I long to suck, making her debut into our bedrooms and hopefully would be sharing more of her videos soon. For now we have to watch this nice video of hers as she tease us while dancing in front of her webcam, slowly taking her clothes off and giving her juggs a squeeze and show her nice tight buns. I’m like imagining this hot fuck in a bunny suit with that cute little bob that shakes a bit when she shaked her butt. Hmmm… now you got to keep bookmarked so you will get updated of what might this sexy amateur babe would show us next time, ayt? And to enjoy this hottie fully, watch her video right here and be prepared to have a good time with that stiff dick of yours.

Bumping and grinding slim webcam babe

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Welcome back to a new yet the same old sizzling edition here on Today is another day to watch a steamy hot video of a horny chick who likes making love with her webcam and making videos of herself to show the world her sleazy nature. Our featured amateur girlfriend is not your typical vavavoom bitch with huge breasts or hot and big round ass but she is one of those who’s naturally gifted with such charisma and confident enough to strut her stuff without trying too much. This first video of herself, where she bumps and grinds her sweet sexy ass while she performs a little striptease revealing bits and pieces of heaven from underneath her clothes, is not going to be the last since there have been to many viewers of this post since I published it. This proves that an amateur GF doesn’t have to be all curvy and extremely well-endowed to be called sexy and to be fantasized about, she simply has to know how to work her charms and showcase her goods in ways that could easily make our cocks stiff. This sexy amateur babe liked Obsessed with Myself more than those cheeky social networking sites coz sharing her video here gave her more people who likes to be her (fuck) friend and she’s willing to do more next time. Check out her full video right here and watch the way she teases your senses with all those hot and sleazy moves, making you want to grab and fuck her at once.

Sexy hottie in her nice striptease

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

I see you’re back here in a favorite hot spot for people who likes kinky and vanity rolled into one, This is your lucky day if you’re craving for a fresh new face with a perfect toned sexy body. Our featured amateur chick will show you her nice perky tits and hot firm ass while she performs a steamy striptease in this video to the tune of her favorite Nirvana song ‘Sex and Candy’. Yeah, the two went well together since she is an eye candy indeed and we just wanna sex her up, don’t we all? But you got to hold on to your stiffening cock first and not let the moment waste away by cumming too soon even before the video has ended. You must watch this hottie do her sleazy dance first and enjoy feasting on those fine boobies that we wanted to give a nice banging even if they’re not that big, we can always give those twin peaks a hardcore squeeze ’til they squeeze our own hard dick and make us pour tons of jizz all over their flesh. Oh, and don’t forget that this slim babe has got some ass to show and this want I know we’d want to slap so hard as we fuck her from behind, she would be screaming for more and yeah, she will definitely get more, alright! Obsessed with Myself will give you more of these videos too, just keep on coming back to check the new updates. For now, watch the full video of this flirt right here and enjoy!

Hot striptease in the bathroom

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

You’ve watched a lot of videos where chicks do some kickass strip dancing and showing off their nice plump boobs, tight firm butt, and bushy or clean-shaven twat. will give you one today but with a twist. No, I don’t think this “twist” is unique or rare even, it’s just something that we don’t experience with every stripteasing video that we watch. This chick happens to be too horny to perform for us on cam that she might have picked a lame shitty piece of music to go with her act. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. I was actually referring to the music that these bitches use for their videos. There are some who knows very well what will work with their masterpiece while some fail miserably. This chick’s taste is fine with me and sometimes watching a girl tease you by stripping and displaying her goods is all that’ll matter and you won’t even notice the crappy music in the background. Try getting so fucking horny and jack off to this chick. There’s a big chance that you won’t even remember the shit that’s playing in the background especially after you explode and poured your jizz all over the place. Why? Dude, you will fall asleep after beating that meat, I can’t stress that enough. Maybe the moment you wake up, first thing you’ll be needing is a glass of cold water, which is usually the case, and an LSS (Last Song Syndrome) has no place in that still afloat Cloud 9 above both your heads. Obsessed with Myself is all about wild and horny babes who want nothing but to please you. So check this one here and enjoy her kinky dance.

GF gets playful in the nude

Thursday, April 1st, 2010 is all about chicks who expose themselves either through piles of selfpics or steamy videos that they filmed themselves. Of course you already know this and more so if you visit us often. But sometimes we need to remind you that once you drop by this fucking awesome site, that you are, more or less, already trapped in our fucking awesome world. There’s no escaping coz I’ll bet my case of beer (ok, just make it half the case) that you will be going back here to look for more sexy and hot chicks who’ll treat your dicks like puppets on a string. This babe’s video is an example of that horny summoning charm, which could bring your limp dicks back to life.

Watch this sexy tease dance and lip sync for us while she is naked in her room. She is hot and I really like that sultry look on her. There are other chicks who can do the same things that this particular babe does but they aren’t all as successful in pulling off (or pulling out) such magic trick that will eventually make me take my cock out from its cage and start beating it ’til I dump loads of jizz on my computer screen. I was told that this girl’s trying to catch her fling’s attention and she says that she’s fueled and ready to give him one hell of a good time. I just hope that dude clicks on often so he could catch this sweet and tempting offer or I will get her before he does.