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Asian cuties selfshooting

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Have you tried staring at an Asian chick’s naughty photo long and hard enough to feel horny and eventually do something about that woody? Today, here on Obsessed with Myself, that’s what you are about to do (I’m guessing). Well, I don’t see any reason why it won’t happen since all our featured Oriental GFs are sizzling hot. These are typical chicks. Typical in a way that they’re just like the rest of the vain population who find selfshooting pleasurable. But don’t underestimate them coz they may appear to be “just like the others” in these pictures but we’ll never know how well they do in the bedroom when faced with our throbbing cocks until we get the chance to try them out. Sometimes the more innocent-looking the chick, the more wild she is inside. Yeah, I need to say that because in my case, I have slept with a number of chicks (Asian or not) who tried to conceal the wild sex kitten in them — to no avail. I dunno if it’s just me or they’re plainly born that way, you know, full of sweet fucking surprises. is just a click away if you wanted to see more hot babes like these. We got them camwhoring with and without clothes. You’ll get to see tits and pussies and just about everything you want to see in a wild and horny bitch. Ok, so now that you’re all ready to beat some meat right there, let this photo set get the ball rolling.

Sexy selfshooting Asian honey

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

You rubbed the right way, asked for Asians, and is granting that wish. There are a lot of you who keep on coming back here to feast on thousands upon thousands of sizzling pictures with flaming hot babes on them. Most of the time, people who visit us often wanted to see camwhoring vain honeys because they prefer jerking off to chicks who pleasure themselves by teasing anyone who like to drool over their hot and sexy pictures. Yeah, of course, we like looking at lewd sexual acts in bed or wherever but camwhoring hotties give a different kind of high to horny dudes with wide imagination — including me. That feeling actually doubles up when the chicks you’re looking at are the kind you always fantasize about. This Obsessed with Myself edition features another Asian cutie who selfshoots as a hobby. Not like it’s something new and special but it’s always with the way on how these sexy girls expose themselves through the hot photos that they take facing the mirror. You see posted right here, this Asian tease is undeniably sexy and she is a natural doing all those sexy poses, well, except for the excessive pouting part. Sometimes chicks who pout will drive you mad but there are those who kinda try hard to look cute doing it. On the safe side, we’ll just place this Oriental babe in the middle coz she promised she’ll be sending us more of her  hot photos soon. We really don’t want ’em to stop coming, eh? Click this link to view her entire collection.

Asian teen camwhoring in the nude

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Nothing beats a gallery of photos of a sizzling hot GF who do nothing but expose herself while selfshooting inside her cozy bedroom. Obsessed with Myself brings to you this nice Asian babe with a delicious body that you’ll definitely want to taste. She’s got these firm perky boobies that would fill your hands like gigantic Jell-Os, a shaven twat which I’m hoping to be so nice and tight, plus her one hell of a fucking tease of an attitude. Obviously, she’s in for a lot of fun and she ain’t like those boring teens who spend time on pajama parties, movie dates, and endless Kalamazoo of shit lying somewhere between pages of their diaries and whatnots. What we all wanted when we visit is to see all these vain girlies strutting their stuff on mirrors, admiring themselves, and just wanted to make all our cocks crow and spit each time we view all these hotness. This Asian chick has been browsing through our site for quite sometime now and she admits to copying some of the chicks’ styles here with regards to how they display themselves. No wonder this amateur babe looks so fucking bitchy (by that I mean she’s such a tease that I wouldn’t think twice about fucking her mouth and pouring jizz all over her sweet face). You’re here because you wanted to see something kinky that you’d want to jack off to and here’s me giving you the full picture collection, for you to enjoy. Click the link now to catch this naked Asian babe.

Hot Asian camwhores

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

I must admit that I’ve come to crave more often for these young naughty girls because of You can’t deny that they are both annoying and amusing. Well, that’s how I look at it coz there are way lots of girls out there who do this self-shooting thing even if there’s no way in this planet that they will get their angles right. I mean, don’t they understand that not everyone’s born to be photogenic? Fortunately, Obsessed with Myself only compiles sizzling hot and horny teenagers who are always game to show what they got under those pesky clothes. Today, we are featuring naughty Asian young bitches with their complete packages that will make your day (and night) perfect each time you need to release some tension. I know it’s not new to you, to see the word camwhores, because I bet you already know what it means. Sometimes it may mean that these chicks are too damn hot that they wanted to scream to the world about it and at times there are fugly girls who try so hard to fit it that part of the universe and all I would do is tag their pictures pathetic. Sorry but since all I see in this site are really hot and kinky chicks, I won’t even imagine myself jerking off my dick to other self-shooting girlfriends outside this happy crazy place. I already enjoy looking at these young and slutty Asians so why would I want to look at others who will do me and my throbbing pet no good, eh? Yes, utterly senseless if you ask me. Anyway, if you can’t get enough of these round firm tits and those delicious shaven cunts, better check the rest here and get totally mental jacking off for hours.

Big-tittied babe in a sexy striptease

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Here in Obsessed with Myself, we don’t just provide you with chicks who are so fucking vain and entirely so addicted to themselves by cam whoring or filming themselves while they do kinky stuff. We also make sure that these sluts got everything we all need to feel hot and horny. Take this chick for example, there are only two sample screens here but based from these, you would easily understand what I’m driving at, right? Look at those huge tits, those alone are indeed enough to give you that swollen boner quite effortlessly. And the mere fact that this sexy bitch knows how gifted she is with that pretty face and perfect body, add to this already crazy fact that she also knows too well how to flaunt everything in this steamy video – she’s a complete package deserving of your five stars.

Let’s face it, we’ve seen too many chicks try desperately to put up a “sexy” show, dress up or less to show their “sexy” goods and try to do some kinky and “sexy” dance on cam – to no avail. I did put a strong emphasis on the word sexy because case in point, more often than not, these wannabes can’t just pull anything together to come up with convincing videos that will tell you to jack off at the sight of them. But this big-tittied girl we have for you today is anything but normal or some pathetic wannabe. She’s too hot to pass up for one of ‘em bored babes who do nothing but waste time wearing their best bikinis, get all naughty and kinky in front of their digital cameras without really thinking if horny men will either wank their cocks or puke at their fugliness instead. Good thing you clicked on, coz you know that you didn’t waste your time thinking of what you should do with that hard cock. You’ve come to the perfect place and be sure to drop by as often as needed. The rest of the video clips can be found here. Enjoy!

Asian babe shows off her sexy body on the webcam

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009 is all about vanity and this next video we have for you will most likely make your cock swell because of extreme horniness (if there’s even such term). This is an Asian chick who’s got, in my own opinion, one of the sexiest bodies alive. She may not possess a gigantic pair of tits and not much on her butt either but it’s all about the way she proudly shows off her fit and slim built. You won’t see any flabs there that would make you think twice about fucking her. I mean, let’s face it, all you want to see bouncing and swaying are pairs of titties and not a belly full of lard and shit. Right? I can imagine myself grabbing this slut by her hips and slamming her on my inflated matress, grease it up, and fuck away. She’s not hard to handle since she’s just like 1/4 of my own body size and it’s always fun to be carrying your whores around the place while you fuck them in every hole they have in their body. You must watch the full video here and you can actually imagine this bitch having a fucked up thought balloon floating above her head, saying, “I’m damn hot and so obsessed with myself!” She’s got the time to record this for us and you won’t have to do any other thing but click the link and visit her. Enjoy!