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Random sexy babes selfshooting

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

We don’t make accounts on Myspace or Facebook to have new friends. Admit it, we just browse through these sites to catch the usual suspects — sizzling hot chicks who camwhores to make defenseless little victims out of our throbbing dicks. Obsessed with Myself gives you this new set of pictures that are sure to fire up your engines in no time. Let’s see… we got naked chicks, blondes, scene babes, you name it. Yeah, all of these in this single gallery. They may have different assets to flaunt but they’re all 100% hot. These are the girls we search for and always watch out for when we visit social networking hubs and I’m proud to say that we never run out of stock to show you. Fact is, we have piles and piles of various hotness in this office that we often have a tough time choosing which kinky bitch should get featured first. Look at these babes and tell me if you won’t go mad by deciding which ones to post and share with the entire horny community. I do this every single fucking day and I think I’ll be needing straight jackets soon. Visit often because you will be ditching those other sites once you get a load of our hot picture galleries. Click here to view more.

Busty amateur bitch camwhoring

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

What should kinky sexy chicks do when they got assets like a tight butt, nice big pair of tits, and warm juicy pussy? Expose themselves through of course. I don’t see any other way to show off and be fucking fantasized by many when all you got to do is look hot and flaunt those assets while selfshooting. One perfect example is the sultry chick in these pictures. She’s not just undeniably sexy and pretty but she knows well how to show us her goods without trying too much and still make us horny so easily. She used to live in Texas where everything seems to be upsized, including her juicy tits. I think the size of men’s cocks in this state overwhelmed her so she moved back to New York weeks ago. She started taking her private profession, camwhoring, seriously when she discovered Obsessed with Myself on the net some months back. She got excited and intimidated at the same time with the amount of hot chicks that she saw on every page. It didn’t take long for her to decide that she wanted to be in here too. She got lucky the first time she showed us her photo collection coz she instantly won all of us over when me and my crew have been having a tough time choosing between a skinny Cup D blonde and the hourglass-shaped brunette from N.J. I think we’ll be seeing a lot of her here, in the next episodes, since she enjoyed being jacked off to and she loves the fucking attention. Click here to view the whole photo set of this heavy-chested camwhoring bitch.

Blonde and brunette hot selfpics

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

I know you like sizzling brunettes and blondes, I fucking love to jack off to them too — a lot. Yes, aside from the more in-demand Barbie-like blondes, Obsessed with Myself likes to boast of its tons and tons of photo collection of various selfshooting babes. Well, that is what we’re about so you have to expect to get more hot and kinky girlfriends after you viewed the naked and sexy ones here. Our set today is all about, as I’ve said, brunettes and blondes who got horny and naughty playing with their cameras. They find it fucking fun to camwhore wearing very little or wearing nothing at all, while exposing their perky tits and nice tight cunt. Oh, and dude, don’t forget that since this is all about chicks who get so fucked up trying to be masters and slaves to themselves that they spend way too much time posing in front of their cameras, admiring themselves, they sometimes end up doing much more than just show how cute they are. An example of this is one of the pictures that you’ll find here. There’s a photo of a selfshooting naked babe playing with her shaven cunt. That is a sure sign that these chicks are ready to take another notch higher and not just get stuck being sweet and boring. Visit to drown in a pile of more hotness. Let’s see how much more you can take. I’m pretty sure you’ll be back just in time for our new posts. Stay tuned.

Selfpics of amateur teen cuties

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

It’s a fucking phase. Obsessed with Myself strongly believes that teen chicks all over the globe will go through the camwhoring phase one way or the other. It’s like an incurable disease that spreads in every household imaginable. Photos of naughty girlfriends pop like warts on a broken skin – it just keep on growing and multiplying. So your visit here in only proves that you’re one of ‘em who’s so fond of jacking off to vain chicks. Nothing’s wrong with that, and I actually salute you if you’re one of those who could go gaga and horny over a girl who still has her clothes on. I mean, dude, you are hardcore. Uhmm.. it’s either that or I’m just too much of a perv that I demand naked ladies to work on my lonely cock. Yeah, I guess I’m a little pathetic for the lack of imagination, eh? Can’t blame me though coz I started looking at naked girls since… err… for as long as I can remember and I wasn’t trained to jerk off to tits and twats that I can barely see. Anyway, it’s never too late to learn new things and stick to them in the process. These pictures are as hot as the ones without clothes on. I can personally prove to you that I find it easy now to masturbate by just looking at vain and sexy chicks who know how to tease by posing like this. I can meet up with you (if you are my type), show yourself with clothes on and try camwhoring in front of me. Let’s try 2 minutes and see if you won’t get drenched in my cum after that. Ha! In this photo compilation, we need not demand the chicks to go naked just to be hot. It’s fair to say that with these sexy poses, even only in their bikinis or shorts with tank tops, our imagination could run wild already. Simply put, with or without the clothes, as long as they’re hot and pretty, I’d find myself spending quality time with my dick in any time of the day. Check here to see the whole lot.

Selfpics of hot young babes

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

You must admit that we all are obsessed with ourselves one way or the other and at some point, at some crazy point, we had (or have) that urge to selfshoot while we’re in the confides of our own rooms. I’m not talking about just babes who obviously are so into this kind of thing, I’ve seen guys do the same, and they’re pretty much straight ones (or so they say). is all about people who see themselves as gods and goddesses who own vanity. They take pictures of themselves using their digital cameras or camera phones and at times they don’t just get content with stills so they film themselves using their video cameras or mobile phones or, of course, using their digicams too. There are so many options and they seem to try everything just to see on which medium they’d look best.

Today, we’ve got a handful of new set of sizzling GFs here on Obsessed with Myself and they want your full attention. Notice where they usually do their “rituals”? It’s almost always in their bedrooms or in the baths. I think there’s some lone spirit who summons them in these places and haunt their every photo shoot. No, I’m not being a fucked up scary storyteller, I’m simply saying that maybe there’s some kind of a sexually-induced type of environment where people get too curious to suck in and just be their horny, wild, and sexy selves. These chicks are a perfect example of this behavior and you can see that in these pictures. They show their curves on the right angles, teasing us with those tits which needed a hand (or two) for a pleasurable sexytime. Click here to view all the babes who’d give you nothing but pure bliss.

Mix of camwhoring naughty teens

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Welcome back to and I’m excited to announce that you’ll be feasting on a new batch of lovely chicks. These are the ones who spend quality time with themselves by being vain using their cameras. If you’re an avid fan of girlfriends like these, then the term camwhore is not new to you anymore. Obsessed with Myself is actually filled with all kinds of girls who find it orgasmic by just teasing their reflections on the mirror while they take pictures in all angles possible. These chicks amaze me all the time even if most of their poses are quite predictable. I mean, they are different girls, right? So of course it could mean a lot of different ideas too. Besides, they don’t look alike so their pictures would come out in various ways and looks too. Just browse through this collection to choose which camwhoring girl you’d like to jack off to first. I’m pretty damn sure that you’ll be needing to recharge as soon as you cum on the first one. All of the babes we got in this episode are all fucking awesome finds that you’d actually feel the need to buy at least 2 boxes of Kleenex and spend extra long hours in front of your PC just beating your meat away. Most of the chicks today are in their sexy bikinis and they all look so damn hot in them. Check them out all here and start squeezin’ your sticky juice ’til you run dry.

Nude teen selfpics

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Another sizzling episode for you only here at The hottest and kinkiest camwhores who are dying to get out in the open and show off what they’ve learned so far. Young as they may seem, don’t get fooled by what they already know. Maybe this babe will tell you more of what she can give you — you can actually feel that when you look at her photos. It’s not hard really, especially when you’re dying to release some stress in your own messy little ways. Our busty young teen looks like she’s about to summon the Bloody Mary or call upon the Candyman, taking naked photos of herself in her bathroom. Well, ok, maybe she’s just in this to tease the latter but still, she’s way too hot to not attract even the sanest of nuns who vowed to not even look at a photo of men in cycling shorts.

I don’t think this horny busty chick minds getting poked based from how she’s been inked. There are just a few of these hotties who can endure the pain and pleasure of those merciless needles and get the statement that they wanted to express using their sexy canvas. The art on this one’s bit unfinished and she said she’ll have it done within the week and have another go maybe on her left chest. Hmmm… wonder what she’ll have on it. They usually like a little flower or a colorful insect on their perfect delicious mounds. Either way, I think she’d still be this hot (hotter even). Obsessed with Myself will show you more here and it will only take you a few strokes to get the job done — on yourself. Don’t go chanting while you jack off, you don’t want the Candyman to chop your dong off in the middle of your ritual.

Hot Asian camwhores

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

I must admit that I’ve come to crave more often for these young naughty girls because of You can’t deny that they are both annoying and amusing. Well, that’s how I look at it coz there are way lots of girls out there who do this self-shooting thing even if there’s no way in this planet that they will get their angles right. I mean, don’t they understand that not everyone’s born to be photogenic? Fortunately, Obsessed with Myself only compiles sizzling hot and horny teenagers who are always game to show what they got under those pesky clothes. Today, we are featuring naughty Asian young bitches with their complete packages that will make your day (and night) perfect each time you need to release some tension. I know it’s not new to you, to see the word camwhores, because I bet you already know what it means. Sometimes it may mean that these chicks are too damn hot that they wanted to scream to the world about it and at times there are fugly girls who try so hard to fit it that part of the universe and all I would do is tag their pictures pathetic. Sorry but since all I see in this site are really hot and kinky chicks, I won’t even imagine myself jerking off my dick to other self-shooting girlfriends outside this happy crazy place. I already enjoy looking at these young and slutty Asians so why would I want to look at others who will do me and my throbbing pet no good, eh? Yes, utterly senseless if you ask me. Anyway, if you can’t get enough of these round firm tits and those delicious shaven cunts, better check the rest here and get totally mental jacking off for hours.

Petite girl teases with her perky tits

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

I think it’s a standard thing with petite chicks to have breasts larger than themselves. Of course not literally, but what I mean is, I know tons of bitches who are less than 5 feet tall and have these huge boobies that could actually appear to be bigger than their heads when you combine the twin peaks. I’m in no way exaggerating nor am I talking shit, but I’m pretty positive that you know exactly what I’m saying coz I know that you’ve seen chicks like these more than two times in your lifetime. Though the babe in these photos don’t have the same giant tits I’m referrin’ to, her small frame make her boobs look bigger than any other chick’s who are of the same height as her. Obsessed with Myself do see things clearly and in detail, so we conclude that this girlfriend made it in our list of sexy playmates with big breasts perfect for fucking. I can also foresee this naughty girl’s future in a men’s magazine, most probably posing in her bikini or posing naked. And I will make sure that I am there when it happens.

As you can see, she is an amateur but from the looks on her photo collection, she seems the type who we can train easily to do some other kinky stuff another notch higher than what she knows now. How’d you like to watch her her fucked in between her breasts? Or instead of self-shooting, she can film herself getting banged in the ass by a horny dude. Ok, whatever she wanted to do, she knows where to go — just visit and show us whatelse she can contribute. Click here to view the entire camwhoring photos.

Camwhoring amateur girlfriends

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

I know you’ve seen a lot of photos of chicks here on who has a knack for being vain. These are the same kinky girls who like to do things when they’re hot and horny, things I know too well that you all enjoy looking at. So today, I give you different bitches who like to flaunt vanity in various ways. Lets see, we got a blonde and brunette, busty ones, emo slash gothic types, and some just like to show off their bodies in all its naked glory. The latter I got to agree on, which these chicks all have — the guts to pose naked and get exposed. Well, that’s the entire point, right? That’s actually the main reason why they’re here, because they want the whole planet to feast on their kinkiness. I imagine these pictures with an Obsessed with Myself tag written across, like the chick in it is screamin’ the words while getting all bitchy and hot. As you can see, these are pretty tame as compared to the other chicks we featured coz all they do here’s pose while some slutty girls prefer to be more adventurous. You know, like play with their twats or do some really steamy stripdance and all the crazy shit that will eventually give us an amazing boner that could withstand the test of time and endurance.

We don’t usually show a lot of the mixed types, trying not to get you confused as to to which hot babe you must spill your cum on, but this is a free world and we can do pretty much whatever the fucking thing we want, right? And since this is free and you are viewing them for free, I guess complaining about something this useful is way out of the question. Goal is to make you feel welcome, get you excited, and do what you want with your naughty boner. Pictures like these here are priceless. So better click on this link to pay more visits and we will show you more of these camwhoring chicks.