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Hot Asian camwhores

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

I must admit that I’ve come to crave more often for these young naughty girls because of You can’t deny that they are both annoying and amusing. Well, that’s how I look at it coz there are way lots of girls out there who do this self-shooting thing even if there’s no way in this planet that they will get their angles right. I mean, don’t they understand that not everyone’s born to be photogenic? Fortunately, Obsessed with Myself only compiles sizzling hot and horny teenagers who are always game to show what they got under those pesky clothes. Today, we are featuring naughty Asian young bitches with their complete packages that will make your day (and night) perfect each time you need to release some tension. I know it’s not new to you, to see the word camwhores, because I bet you already know what it means. Sometimes it may mean that these chicks are too damn hot that they wanted to scream to the world about it and at times there are fugly girls who try so hard to fit it that part of the universe and all I would do is tag their pictures pathetic. Sorry but since all I see in this site are really hot and kinky chicks, I won’t even imagine myself jerking off my dick to other self-shooting girlfriends outside this happy crazy place. I already enjoy looking at these young and slutty Asians so why would I want to look at others who will do me and my throbbing pet no good, eh? Yes, utterly senseless if you ask me. Anyway, if you can’t get enough of these round firm tits and those delicious shaven cunts, better check the rest here and get totally mental jacking off for hours.

Petite girl teases with her perky tits

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

I think it’s a standard thing with petite chicks to have breasts larger than themselves. Of course not literally, but what I mean is, I know tons of bitches who are less than 5 feet tall and have these huge boobies that could actually appear to be bigger than their heads when you combine the twin peaks. I’m in no way exaggerating nor am I talking shit, but I’m pretty positive that you know exactly what I’m saying coz I know that you’ve seen chicks like these more than two times in your lifetime. Though the babe in these photos don’t have the same giant tits I’m referrin’ to, her small frame make her boobs look bigger than any other chick’s who are of the same height as her. Obsessed with Myself do see things clearly and in detail, so we conclude that this girlfriend made it in our list of sexy playmates with big breasts perfect for fucking. I can also foresee this naughty girl’s future in a men’s magazine, most probably posing in her bikini or posing naked. And I will make sure that I am there when it happens.

As you can see, she is an amateur but from the looks on her photo collection, she seems the type who we can train easily to do some other kinky stuff another notch higher than what she knows now. How’d you like to watch her her fucked in between her breasts? Or instead of self-shooting, she can film herself getting banged in the ass by a horny dude. Ok, whatever she wanted to do, she knows where to go — just visit and show us whatelse she can contribute. Click here to view the entire camwhoring photos.

Camwhoring amateur girlfriends

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

I know you’ve seen a lot of photos of chicks here on who has a knack for being vain. These are the same kinky girls who like to do things when they’re hot and horny, things I know too well that you all enjoy looking at. So today, I give you different bitches who like to flaunt vanity in various ways. Lets see, we got a blonde and brunette, busty ones, emo slash gothic types, and some just like to show off their bodies in all its naked glory. The latter I got to agree on, which these chicks all have — the guts to pose naked and get exposed. Well, that’s the entire point, right? That’s actually the main reason why they’re here, because they want the whole planet to feast on their kinkiness. I imagine these pictures with an Obsessed with Myself tag written across, like the chick in it is screamin’ the words while getting all bitchy and hot. As you can see, these are pretty tame as compared to the other chicks we featured coz all they do here’s pose while some slutty girls prefer to be more adventurous. You know, like play with their twats or do some really steamy stripdance and all the crazy shit that will eventually give us an amazing boner that could withstand the test of time and endurance.

We don’t usually show a lot of the mixed types, trying not to get you confused as to to which hot babe you must spill your cum on, but this is a free world and we can do pretty much whatever the fucking thing we want, right? And since this is free and you are viewing them for free, I guess complaining about something this useful is way out of the question. Goal is to make you feel welcome, get you excited, and do what you want with your naughty boner. Pictures like these here are priceless. So better click on this link to pay more visits and we will show you more of these camwhoring chicks.

Hot teen selfpics

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Another steamy edition of Obsessed With Myself for all you avid fans of naughty chicks who do nothing but worship themselves and go completely vain. What we have for you today is another batch of nice pictures of hotties who went naked to show their sexy curves and nice breasts. All three girls like to spend their time camwhoring inside their rooms. This gives them the maximum confidence of showing their naked bodies, making provocative poses, and doing other kinky stuff to themselves. They think they’re alone in a private place. What they’re not complately aware of is the obvious fact of doing these crazy things for the public eye to see. Pretty stupid if they think these photos won’t leak in any way. Besides, when a person do things like this, it’s a concrete sign that they crave for attention and that they don’t mind getting exposed this way.

And since we haven’t received any complaints from any of them, well I guess my bet was right after all — that they asked for this. They should be grateful that they got in this fast coz they have no idea how many hopefuls are still in line, waiting for me to give them their chance to grace our covers. And they don’t have the slightest idea as to the effect they have on us lonely souls who desperately needs some help making our dicks hard and make them stay that way for hours and hours. Those perky tits and delicious twats and what these chicks do to them excite my nerves a lot they could burst. In short, these camwhoring naked bitches can kill. A good way to go, if you ask me. But first you need to go here to see all of the fucking awesome selfpics of these naughty babes. You will be back for more. That I’m pretty sure of.

Camwhoring naughty teen

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Obsessed with Myself is all about chicks who do nothing but love themselves. Vanity is the perfect term for these young sluts and they show it in ways that would lead you to a happy messy place. Happy because their kinky photos will make your cocks so happy that they’ll stand strong and hard for joy. Of course you get what I mean by that, eh? Messy because those hard dongs will eventually cum all over the place from jacking off too much while you view all these pictures. Take this hot chick for example, she’s one of the millions of camwhoring girls I saw on the net who can’t seem to get off that self addiction. Sometimes you’d wonder if these bitches actually have a life. I mean, seriously, notice a lot of them who take sexy photos of themselves in bedrooms or wherever and these places would almost always look so ransacked, it feels like it was hit by a tornado or something.

Their clothes are everywhere, and I mean everywhere! To think that you’re looking at a girl’s bedroom, you can only imagine how their male counterparts would appear in their own bedrooms if they get to display their own gayish vanity by taking photos of themselves too. Ok, so, fortunately, this chick knows better, cleaning up her room, before clicking and sharing herself to the world. She’s got tons of photos showing different sides to her personality. It’s just a shame that she didn’t get to expose much of her skin. But at least she’s curvy enough to fantasize on. I’m guessing that this is just her first shot at literally being a whore behind the camera so let’s just wait for the next ones and hope that we’d get to see what’s underneath all those crappy clothes.

Pretty young chick with nice set of boobs

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Young as this babe may look, she is not that young when it comes to knowing what she wants and how to get it. Here in Obsessed with Myself, it’s quite obvious that this bitchy teen got what she wanted – to be exposed. Yes, of course, she knows that she’s here and right now I bet she’s counting hits and bragging about it to her fellow teenage naughty bitches. She’s just one of those really naughty girls who gets horny far too often that she decides to take off her clothes and spare no chance in revealing her fresh and young body. Read: to the entire planet. This delicious camwhore passed the photos standards because of very obvious reasons and we really don’t need to state them all coz they’re staring right at you in the face. I bet the only time that you’d make those perverted eyes blink is when you’re wanking that stiff cock and you’re on the verge of cumming — to make it even more heavenly — shutting those eyes would automatically take you to dreamland once you’ve climaxed and fucking mess your room up.

These photos not only show how much of an amateur this yummy teen is, but we actually have the full front view of her nice and firm pair of tits! This is one of the hot spots of being young, everything seems so new and just fucking mouthwatering. I’m imagining how she’d sound like if she were to take my hard big cock up her ass or in her tight pussy. Wow, that would definitely be music to my damn ears – better than Metallica! Ok, not a very good comparison, but I know you get what I mean. The complete photo collection of this hot and pretty babe is right here so go on and click it, you really don’t want to miss this one!

Camwhoring brunette displays her nice tits

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009 not only shows bitches who spend their precious time admiring themselves by taking photos or filming themselves through their camera phones or, for a better looking video, they’d snatch their folks’ digital cameras and use this to record their kinkiness. This site also shows off what these girls got that’s worth sharing to the rest of the perverted community. Like this sexy brunette who has a very nice pair of breasts on her. And we’re luckier to see that she’s actually a bombshell, gifted with that pretty face, nice curves, and not to forget, her willingness to expose herself here at Obsessed With Myself. These photos are so hot, am wondering if she’d be doing video clips next. I bet she’s way hotter if we could watch her while she undresses and plays with her moist mound and give her perky twin peaks some loving squeeze. I’m hoping she’d be lazy and would let me do the work instead. To hear her moan and watch her squirm with delight will definitely keep me going for hours and my boner happy for a much longer span of time. Each photo of this hottie is like a fucking time bomb waiting for YOU to explode. So don’t waste any time just looking at these samples, hop right in here to get a much larger view of the naughty world of this self-shooting chick.

Two busty chicks self-shooting

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Obsessed With Myself is always filled with tons and tons of pretty and of course, kinky chicks. And today we have a special treat for you all – oh, make that treats! Because the set of photos you’re about to view has two steamy ladies that would make your dicks stiff and most probably make them cum loads too. I find it very entertaining and it amazes me each time I see sluts take photos of themselves doing almost everything and anything to themselves – for the world to see, and for their own personal perverted satisfaction. I’m fond of these types of girlies who are not scared of showing off their horny nature and simply loves to share what they are ought to offer this planet. I’m actually imagining now how fun it would be to have them both in one room and make them do lots of crazy things to me. And, yeah, I would be punishing them too using my huge hard shaft.

It would be so damn crazy to have my dick between 2 pairs of round firm breasts. Oh, man… I think my cock would need to learn swimming lessons before it could drown in a pit of milk jugs. Or maybe I can drown both of them in my jizz because they’ve been so naughty. Hmmm…. Better visit the girls here now or drop by to meet a lot more chicks who can accompany you to your very own wet and wild heaven.

Topless blonde self-shooting in her bedroom

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

To get rid of those boring moments at home, all you got to do is get your camera and shoot away. And of course we’re talking about you making those hot poses with or without clothes on, with the exemption that you should look really kinky to pass the horny standards of No, we ain’t strict, but we all want something hot to jack off to, right? Like this nice blonde for instance, she’s got what it takes to be here — well, that’s why you’re looking at her now. These are only a few of the hot stuff she has for us and the whole collection can be viewed when you go here. She’s got nice and round set of racks and she didn’t keep them all to herself. She took photos of these topless and with her bra on and I must say that they look equally hot in both. It’s like even if she’s wearing a top, I can actually see through it and imagine myself digging in, licking her nips, and making her moan. Ahhh… heaven.

Obsessed With Myself compiles only the most vain and bold ladies who are confident enough to show the entire planet how drool-worthy their bodies are. And, we are happy to say that they don’t fail us. That’s why you should be coming here often to check on the latest additions because us, on the other hand, won’t fail your perverted senses either. Watch these lovely ladies show their stuff through the photos they take of themselves and see how lucky you are to have us.

Hot and naughty bikini-clad babes

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Because it’s literally hot in, having all these naughty babes, we got this collection of photos for you who love seeing gorgeous bodies clothed in 2-piece suits. Of course, these aren’t just beautiful bodies, but really hot chicks with great curves to go well with their pretty faces. Nobody would jack off viewing pictures of ladies who doesn’t even give a shit exposing a bit of skin and showing off nice assets, right? Even if I’d admit that I got one of the most perverted minds on this planet, I can never (even imagine) wank to a lamp post with a skimpy skirt on. Yeah, I actually heard that some sick minds can really find that fucking lovely.

Anyway, Obsessed With Myself is all about hot hot chicks who can’t help but get addicted to themselves. They take photos of their lovely faces and delicious bodies with matching seductive poses that can get that limp dick standing in no time and maybe spurting shit loads of cum ’til you run dry. Look at those firm tits and mounds of young tight pussies. Makes me and my dick drool big time! They may have some pieces of clothing to cover these goodies up but because, like I said, I got one of the most dirty imaginations, I can easily undress each slutty babe here and make them squirt with just the use of my mind (plus my huge boner). Now, to share these yummy delights to you all, just click right here and enjoy all of ‘em naughty bikini-clad chicks.