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Group of sexy amateur GFs camwhoring

Friday, July 6th, 2012

Ready for another flaming hot Obsessed with Myself edition, we hope. This is a new picture gallery of sexy amateur chicks having one hell of a time camwhoring in all ways possible. Most of our featured honeys right here posed in the nude so I bet you will all be needing a Kleenex box when you start to play with the bulges in those boxers. This post is extremely hot and it will cover up your entire weekend, we got a handful of naked amateurs with nice perky breasts that we love to explode jizz on and those tight smooth-shaven pussy that we hump and grind our stiff dicks into, plus those round ass that’s good for spankin’ and doggiestyle-lovin’. Oh, and of course, the entire hot naked canvass is what we want to fully enjoy our wild horny selves as we browse through the entire picture collection of these fuckin’ tease. Look at those nice hot sexy bodies posing for you. Camwhoring in the bedroom, the bathroom, and some other cozy spaces in their homes is indeed fun alright and we will make sure they will keep on giving us more pictures of themselves being the wild amateurs that they are and do more. So, be sure to keep on checking back here in for more sexy naked amateurs that will satisfy your pervy needs.

Selfpics of steamy amateur babes

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Another round of the hottest amateur chicks here in Obsessed with Myself for all our fans out there. We compiled this picture set, filled with various sexy naughty GFs who will definitely make you stiff in that boxer and eventually explode cumloads. We have all sorts of sleazy sluts in this photo gallery and they’re all the kind who’d selfshoot wherever they are and whatever it is that they’re wearing or just pose naked, which most of us usually prefers. You can see in these pictures that this feature is going to be a blast and you will be seeing more of them shortly. These amateur honeys have been practicing their poses and how they wanted to display their nice tits and shaven twats. Well, not all of them were brave enough to get naked and expose themselves but all of them are flaming hot for their own good, and that I assure you. Besides, we call all those who get chosen to be featured here our queens and I guess each amateur chick who visits wanted to be that queen one way or another. Ha! So here they are, everyone showing what they got. Catch them all here and enjoy their sexiness in their skimpy clothing or better yet, go over the naked ones if that’s your preference, we have them all.

Kinky amateur camwhoring chicks

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Yes, we are back to make all our Obsessed with Myself fans happy once more with these flaming hot edition of amateur girlfriends who are the best candidates for Ms. Vanity and there’s no stopping them. But, wait, there’s more! Yeah, this is no ordinary photo compilation of teens selfshooting just being cute and happy for the cam and their social networking choice. This is another one of our special features where the bitches are always game to show more than their dimples or pouty lips and those really annoying and often creepy ‘duck faces’. is definitely not just about those kind of amateur goodness coz in this post, we’ll get to feast on these babes’ nice juicy breasts, fine sexy asses, and some even went all the way to expose their smooth-shaven pussy. So, yeah, this picture selection is way way hot. Some of them have perky tits while some are busty enough to make those bikinis look like they are owned by little kids who are just starting to grow breasts on them and then we got these sexy honeys who simply wanted to tease more by showing more and am talking about the photos showing these naked hotties of course. Damn, I seriously need to slap those fine asses. Anyway, head over here to view the full photo collection and do check back for more soon.

Selfshooting hot girlfriends

Friday, April 27th, 2012 is happy to see you back here once again to see more of our sexy kinky amateur girlfriends. This is another sizzling photo compilation of a number of hot chicks giving their best to look really yummy while they have fun selfshooting for their boyfriends, flings, fuck buddies, and everyone who may happen to be an avid fan of Obsessed with Myself of course. Most of them had so much fun posing naked, showing their nice round or perky tits and showing off their fine smooth-shaven pussy. These are the types of bitches we all want and fantasize about and that’s what you are all gonna get in this hot edition. All you got to do is view the entire picture collection to enjoy all our sleazy bitches as they expose themselves in the nude. They all like to take photos of themselves with or without their clothes and we are all so lucky today that we’ll see them naked in all their glory. My favorite shots are the ones where one babe bends over and camwhores with her bare ass up in the air and the other one spreading her legs and playing with her shaven cunt. These are the positions we call easy access to heaven and I bet it’ll be as hot as hell when they get some serious stuffing from this boner I now hold in one hand. Be sure to check back often for more of our slutty girlfriends.

Kinky amateur chicks camwhoring

Friday, March 30th, 2012

You’re back here on Obsessed with Myself for another load of new fresh amateur GFs to help you with that throbbing dick, eh? Well, better brace yourself coz this is one sizzling edition that you will keep on coming back to. We have a lot of photos of sexy chicks in this picture gallery who showed their nice perky tits and some did go naked to please your perverted senses even more. We all love amateur bitches who try so hard to be all sleazy and skanky and just bring our blood to a boil to make us squirm with delight. Yeah, I sound fucking gay talking shit like this but being a little melodramatic can elevate some people’s libido as I’ve been told. So anyway, here are a handful of hot amateur camwhoring honeys for you to feast on and enjoy. They are all avid fans of too and they frequent the site to check if they would find their girlfriends too and, you know, maybe do some kinky photoshoot with them sometime and have those pictures posted here too. For now, though, enjoy these photos of sexy amateur babes showing their fine juggs and shaven cunt. All of them are perfect companions whenever you feel like choking that boner and making yourself cum loads ’til you pass out.

Selfpics of hot and naughty girlfriends

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Another one steamy Obsessed with Myself photo collection for our avid fans out there. here you’ll see a number of hot amateur chicks selfshooting to show just how sexy and kinky they are. Some posing with their clothes on and completely being a fucking tease that you’d want to instantly grab ’em and tear those clothes off and they’ll love it of course. Then there are the other amateur hotties more than willing to show more and go topless or take their panties off to display their nice perky tits and shaven pussy and the rest just went naked and expose everything. There’s even one and she’s in these photos posted right here, who actually had more than just the sexy feel taking pictures of herself, she played with her twat while going crazy with the camera. Well, that’s what is all about, yes? This is the place to find all sorts of amateur bitchy girlfriends who know how to have a great time even by just taking photos and posing and just being their sleazy fucked up selves. Having fun yet? Head over here and enjoy the rest of the photo collection. These are all yours to keep and look at every time you need to do something about your urge to cum and whatever dirty tricks you got to perform.

Camwhoring amateur sexy babes

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Today’s Obsessed with Myself photo collection of amateur selfshooting babes will give you the pleasure that will last for hours to a day (or days if you keep on looking at all these pictures). We have all kinds of kinky girlfriends right here, some with little clothes on while the rest simply love to pose naked and get all the attention that they want. Each amateur slutty honey in this picture gallery will set fire in those boxers coz we only got the hottest and the sexiest and of course the naughtiest of chicks in town. See them do their sleazy poses on cam while they expose their nice tits, show their tight round ass, and some even like to tease displaying their entire naked body, making our throbbing cocks excited to get inside that tight fuck hole. Oh, and don’t forget this one horny bitch who went a step higher above the others and played with herself for us while she took a pictures of herself. Ain’t that sweet? But it’s always a-must to go over all the photos here in so you won’t miss any of our amateur babeskinky dirty acts. Keep on checking back for more soon and tell all your perverted friends about us (and these hot amateur girlfriends of course. Ha!).

Amateur chicks selfshooting

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Vanity is the ultimate hype here in and if you’re a fan, you ought to know that by now. So today’s feature is about all these amateur babes who spend so much time ‘making love to their cameras’ and selfshoot away any chance they get. We have this sizzling photo collection that showcases various sexy naughty GFs having fun posing in front of mirrors wearing little clothes as possible or strutting their assets in the nude, which we always prefer of course. But since this is your favorite hub on the net, Obsessed with Myself is always a home to tons and tons of pictures of hot and horny amateur sluts who are fucking sexy and delicious with or without their clothes. We have all sorts of wild teens in this photo gallery. There are babes who like to pose when they’re completely naked, showing their perky tits and smooth-shaven pussy, while some would wear their sexy lingerie or simply their everyday under garments and just flaunt their sleazy attitude. My personal favorites in this group are the ones who took photos of themselves while they’re naked in the bathroom and got themselves wet under the showers. Sexy skanky chicks like these never fail to give me the biggest boner and make me so fucking horny for hours. Imagining how slippery and wet their cunts are just drives me mad. You better head over here to check them out yourself, view the full picture collection and be prepared to spend hours looking at these wild horny babes.

Camwhoring naughty sexy chicks

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

This is another one sizzling Obsessed with Myself edition. We got loads of photos of amateur chicks today, camwhoring away, showing off their nice fine breasts. This collection of hot sexy GFs was carefully handpicked by yours truly and I’m proud to say that each babe right here will make you hot and horny (the way they made all of us crawl to our private spaces and jack off). Like other hotties that we feature in this site, these wild girlfriends flaunt their stuff while they take pictures of themselves plus a bit of a bonus since most of them showed their nice bare boobies. When some vain chicks just camwhore away, fully-clothed and sometimes being a little boring, our collections here at will always make you want more (and we always give more). Check out these sexy amateur honeys, having a fun time getting naughty with their cam, posing and teasing and the do a great job I tell you. Some would like to get topless under the shower for the wet and wild look, others simply give their tits a squeeze and lick ’em, the rest don’t even have to exert much effort and all they got to do is go topless, take their camera and be the naturally sleazy teen that they are and start shooting. We all wanted to do something nasty with those nice round tits, eh? Well, head over here for the entire picture gallery and I assure you that you’ll a hot time masturbating to all these amateur fucks right here. Do come back next time with your perverted friends in tow so all of you could do something about your boring idle hours at home — or in the work place. Ha!

Kinky amateur selfshooting babes

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Another batch of hot amateur camwhoring chicks for all our Obsessed with Myself fans. We compiled these pictures for the hope that each and every kinky girlfriend right here will do their part in pleasing you in every little way they can. Let’s see… all I can say about this set is it’s downright burnin’ and all the sexy hotties we chose for today are really worth every bit of your time. has always been filled with visitors from all over the world and even if this is made entirely (well, ok, almost) of amateur slutty babes who love to take photos of themselves with or without clothes on, we still find a lot of these sexy kittens who wanted to do more than that. Well, not really too different from selfshooting, the only difference I think is that they don’t hold the cameras themselves and they get someone to take the photos for them for the purpose of doing “more” using their two hands. But today I picked a handful of these amateur chicks to let them show their skills in camwhoring while they make us hard and drool over their sexy bodies, nice perky breasts, shaven cunt, tight round ass, and some even go all the way and show everything and yeah, they become instant stars in a bunch of semi-conservative selfshooting bitches alright. These are amateur goodness that you shouldn’t dare miss out on so check this photo gallery now and enjoy our freshest picks for the day.