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Camwhoring sexy hotties

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

You wanted it, asked for it, and now Obsessed with Myself has come back for more of what you’ve been fantasizing about. We got another load of different amateur chicks in this episode and all of them are certified hotties who will make you hard in no time. Let’s see… well, as far as I can tell, I like all the sexy bitches that I see in this photo collection (simply because I was the one who chose who should be in this post, so yeah, I’m a bit of a biased bastard). But you can’t blame me for being one especially when you get to see the entire album here. All of these girlfriends know how to strut their stuff, selfshooting in the nude or with clothes on or with little clothes on, you will see it all here. I especially like the ones posing naked showing off their nice big breasts, these things always work like magic pills that made me as hard as a rock and I’d be carrying this stiff cock the entire day and if I can’t get these hot images off my head I am in bigger trouble. So, got intrigued yet as to how hot and sexy these amateur bitches are? Well, you’ve come to the right place, clicking is the most brilliant idea you made today coz all these hotness will make you feel really special the entire day. All our kinky chicks are waiting for you now. Give them all your attention and I bet that you won’t regret spending time jacking off to these pictures and you will be back for more.

Wild amateur chick masturbates using a soda bottle

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

If it’s hardcore that you want (we all want actually) but aiming to see an amateur babe do something really out of the ordinary, then this Obsessed with Myself feature is the perfect one for you. I sound really gay saying that but it’s the introduction that I came up with coz I think this video struck me dead when I started getting horny while around the company of people I barely know and accidentally making them see that my boner‘s not cooperating that I have to do something about it ASAP. I didn’t know that one’s sexual orientation changes when they die ’til now. So anyway, this is a video of an amateur girlfriend who likes trying our different things when it comes to pleasing her wild self. She was going through some of the videos in and was surprised to find out how the other sexy and sleazy chicks like herself made her more horny. No, she’s not lesbian, but she did find the hotties quite sexy and she wanted to be like them, only wilder. Hence, this video of herself ┬áin all her naked glory, fucking a lucky empty soda bottle. Hot, right? Well, almost, until you watch the full video right here. This naughty teen loves exploring new things especially when it’s all about her sexuality and here she is giving us all the pleasure that would make us fantasize about our own fuck buddies to do the same for us the next time we see them for a hot fuck session. Remember this babe‘s face and take a long hard look at her perky tits. Damn that bottle, it could’ve been my big cock fucking this wild amateur bitch‘s cunt for all we know. Ok, I’m out and will have to watch this again. You go ahead and watch at your own risk too. Enjoy.