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Sleazy babe squeezes and milks her tits

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Ok, you don’t see this everyday unless you got a pregnant lactating chick somewhere who plays with her juggs and make these squirt milk every single day but if you ain’t seen anything like that yet, well, it is only right here on that you’d get to watch a kinky GF doing really quirky things on video using her nice perky tits. We’ve seen sluts squeeze their breasts and lick their nipples, right? But I bet, Obsessed with Myself brings you more than just that today and you can see that in these hot screenies. See how this chick enjoys squeezing and loving her nice perky boobies? It’s actually like a little ritual that she does, stimulating her glands, to give it a little exercise so she could show us how fun it is to watch a kinky girlfriend like herself squirt some milky goo from those perky nipples. I bet you haven’t seen anything like this before, eh? Looking at her in these screen shots make me so fucking excited to watch all the video clips. Don’t you want to see that right now? Watch the way she teases us while she caresses and squeezes her breasts ’til her warm milk spurts from those yummy nips. Click here to enjoy this hot video.