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Hot pictures of scene girlfriends

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Time for yet another flaming hot Obsessed with Myself edition. We feature this nice sizzling photo selection of alternative babes where most were taken by the amateur teens themselves. Nothing beats bitches who make that extra effort to expose their wild and hot selves. All it takes is a “perfect package” and your ever reliable digital/phone camera. Well, yeah, these amateur hotties should know, at least, the basics of handling their gadgets and shooting at the right angles. Lighting is very important too. Beware though that some of those amateur stills that you see elsewhere could appear way much different from the chick in real life. I mean, angle and lighting is everything and these two can fool you big time too if you don’t know how to differentiate between the “real” subject from one who is just trying so fucking hard to look hot, sexy, and desirable. I’ve been a victim of girls like these but I assure you that these punk babes that you are looking at now are certified real and you can actually meet some of them through us. Yeah, not everyone coz some of them aren’t really into one night stands. I’m betting pretty soon though. Visit often and get updated with our hottest and wildest chicks who, even through pictures, could make you all horny and make you crave for more.

Naked hottie masturbates using a banana

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Obsessed with Myself wanted to share this ultra hot video of a sizzling babe who pleases her kinky self by fucking her cunt with an inanimate object: the banana. I bet you’ve seen other horny bitches play with themselves using this fruit and possibly some other food that they find in the kitchen. But since all of the featured chicks we have here have different personalities and they show their sexy skills in their own little provocative ways, we don’t really have to compare them and tag which one is better than who. This amateur hottie could dress up and still be sexy, don’t you think? But she wanted to please us, through this video, in all her glory and masturbates in the nude, showing off her luscious perky tits which bounce like huge water balloons waiting to be popped. I know for sure that you got something right there, waiting to pop and squirt sticky goo too, eh? Well, I must admit that I’ve been keeping this boner from exploding too soon. I need to type these words first and make you all want this wild and horny bitch even before I can join the bandwagon of Jacks jerking off. Visit to watch more videos of babes going vain and naughty for all of us pervy dudes.