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Busty chick films herself naked

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Ready for an extreme episode here on Obsessed with Myself? I have this sizzling video of an extremely hot babe with a wonderland for a body and all she ever wanted was to show us how irresistible she is, which came out quite successful based from the screenies you’re seeing right now. She’s a big-tittied bitch with sultry features and an obviously strong personality. This amateur girlfriend visits often and this gave her the idea of exposing herself to show off her assets. I like those huge breasts and how they bounce with every move that she makes. Sometimes it is annoying when you’re all horny while watching hot babes like this one and ready to jack off then all of a sudden the background music starts to play and it’s some fucked up music that you absolutely despise. Not that I hated this video on a certain level, which is unlikely, coz this hot sexy Latina fuck will distract you from everything else. Those big tits alone will make your dick throb like hell, you’d want to shoot your cum inside a shot glass and make her juicy lips drink it all up. Some idea, yeah, and I’ve watched that from a dude’s private collection of cumshot clips. Not bad, actually, and this hottie is making me want to titty-fuck her so fucking bad. Watch her hotness now so you can imagine yourself fucking this bitch silly too.

Random sexy babes selfshooting

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

We don’t make accounts on Myspace or Facebook to have new friends. Admit it, we just browse through these sites to catch the usual suspects — sizzling hot chicks who camwhores to make defenseless little victims out of our throbbing dicks. Obsessed with Myself gives you this new set of pictures that are sure to fire up your engines in no time. Let’s see… we got naked chicks, blondes, scene babes, you name it. Yeah, all of these in this single gallery. They may have different assets to flaunt but they’re all 100% hot. These are the girls we search for and always watch out for when we visit social networking hubs and I’m proud to say that we never run out of stock to show you. Fact is, we have piles and piles of various hotness in this office that we often have a tough time choosing which kinky bitch should get featured first. Look at these babes and tell me if you won’t go mad by deciding which ones to post and share with the entire horny community. I do this every single fucking day and I think I’ll be needing straight jackets soon. Visit often because you will be ditching those other sites once you get a load of our hot picture galleries. Click here to view more.