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Hot striptease in the bathroom

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

You’ve watched a lot of videos where chicks do some kickass strip dancing and showing off their nice plump boobs, tight firm butt, and bushy or clean-shaven twat. will give you one today but with a twist. No, I don’t think this “twist” is unique or rare even, it’s just something that we don’t experience with every stripteasing video that we watch. This chick happens to be too horny to perform for us on cam that she might have picked a lame shitty piece of music to go with her act. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. I was actually referring to the music that these bitches use for their videos. There are some who knows very well what will work with their masterpiece while some fail miserably. This chick’s taste is fine with me and sometimes watching a girl tease you by stripping and displaying her goods is all that’ll matter and you won’t even notice the crappy music in the background. Try getting so fucking horny and jack off to this chick. There’s a big chance that you won’t even remember the shit that’s playing in the background especially after you explode and poured your jizz all over the place. Why? Dude, you will fall asleep after beating that meat, I can’t stress that enough. Maybe the moment you wake up, first thing you’ll be needing is a glass of cold water, which is usually the case, and an LSS (Last Song Syndrome) has no place in that still afloat Cloud 9 above both your heads. Obsessed with Myself is all about wild and horny babes who want nothing but to please you. So check this one here and enjoy her kinky dance.

Busty amateur bitch camwhoring

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

What should kinky sexy chicks do when they got assets like a tight butt, nice big pair of tits, and warm juicy pussy? Expose themselves through of course. I don’t see any other way to show off and be fucking fantasized by many when all you got to do is look hot and flaunt those assets while selfshooting. One perfect example is the sultry chick in these pictures. She’s not just undeniably sexy and pretty but she knows well how to show us her goods without trying too much and still make us horny so easily. She used to live in Texas where everything seems to be upsized, including her juicy tits. I think the size of men’s cocks in this state overwhelmed her so she moved back to New York weeks ago. She started taking her private profession, camwhoring, seriously when she discovered Obsessed with Myself on the net some months back. She got excited and intimidated at the same time with the amount of hot chicks that she saw on every page. It didn’t take long for her to decide that she wanted to be in here too. She got lucky the first time she showed us her photo collection coz she instantly won all of us over when me and my crew have been having a tough time choosing between a skinny Cup D blonde and the hourglass-shaped brunette from N.J. I think we’ll be seeing a lot of her here, in the next episodes, since she enjoyed being jacked off to and she loves the fucking attention. Click here to view the whole photo set of this heavy-chested camwhoring bitch.