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Wild chick into kinky double penetration

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

If filming yourself ain’t hot enough or selfshooting while posing in various naughty ways is not good enough to include yourself in the growing population of babes who constantly say, “I’m so Obsessed with Myself!”, well, this is one of the perfect days you will ever have. See, today we feature this steamy girlfriend who has been using up all her precious spare time in mastering her skills in the bedroom. Look at her go with these hot screenies. She used a dildo and a vibrator to work on her cunt and asshole but that ain’t the wild part yet. The best part is that she fucked both her twat and poop chute at the same fucking time! One hell of a horny bitch, eh? And she did well in filming her hot and dirty deed too. She’s smart enough to maybe use a tripod or simply place her video recorder somewhere steady. I bet you’ve seen videos of other chicks that could leave you cross-eyed by merely viewing its contents. There’s just too much going on and instead of getting you aroused and excited and horny, videos that are poorly recorded should just go down the sinkhole. Anyway, we got a really wild and hot video here today so let’s not waste our time ranting, shall we? This bitch will make you worship your cocks, tend to them more than you ever did before coz this horny slutty GF masturbates like she ain’t going to last another day. is always open to serve horny people like you (*cough!* and me) so better check back here daily to catch the latest and hottest of kinky girls who worship themselves 24/7.

Blonde and brunette hot selfpics

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

I know you like sizzling brunettes and blondes, I fucking love to jack off to them too — a lot. Yes, aside from the more in-demand Barbie-like blondes, Obsessed with Myself likes to boast of its tons and tons of photo collection of various selfshooting babes. Well, that is what we’re about so you have to expect to get more hot and kinky girlfriends after you viewed the naked and sexy ones here. Our set today is all about, as I’ve said, brunettes and blondes who got horny and naughty playing with their cameras. They find it fucking fun to camwhore wearing very little or wearing nothing at all, while exposing their perky tits and nice tight cunt. Oh, and dude, don’t forget that since this is all about chicks who get so fucked up trying to be masters and slaves to themselves that they spend way too much time posing in front of their cameras, admiring themselves, they sometimes end up doing much more than just show how cute they are. An example of this is one of the pictures that you’ll find here. There’s a photo of a selfshooting naked babe playing with her shaven cunt. That is a sure sign that these chicks are ready to take another notch higher and not just get stuck being sweet and boring. Visit to drown in a pile of more hotness. Let’s see how much more you can take. I’m pretty sure you’ll be back just in time for our new posts. Stay tuned.