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Kinky cutie shows her asshole

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Filming yourself while you tease someone, or in the case of spreading the good news here at Obsessed with Myself and please the entire perverted planet, is a major turn on. More so when achick shows her goods, naked, and plays with them. Today, we got this lovely young teen who does naughty things during their Spring break — to make as many videos of herself showing her wild side and I’m happy to say that she’s got a fucking nice taste in choosing in which site she should be exposed. She said that it was the first few days of Spring break that she thought of doing something new (well, at least to her then innocent mind) and something that will definitely stick to the minds of other people. Dunno what she’s playing at and she sounds a bit off when she told us these, but, the hell, I don’t give a damn. As long as she shares with us all the glory that’s meant to be seen, as early as now, I don’t mind if she eats shit and collects used tampons for a living. All I wanted you to see right now are these video clips of this kinky babe. First clip is already a big hint that this chick’s bound to end up in slut Ville in a few years’ time. Ok, make that soon. She may have small tits but, really, there’s more to this young whore than her tiny twin peaks.

She’s not your typical vain teen who wastes a hell time putting makeup on or trying on clothes for hours and hours. This chick has a whole different agenda in her diary and clicking on proved that she’s got a special skill in the bedroom. Watch her poke and play with her shaven twat and butthole here and join her hot hobby. You’ll never know, maybe you can fuck this slutty teen on their next break, eh? I would definitely want to!

Pretty young chick with nice set of boobs

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Young as this babe may look, she is not that young when it comes to knowing what she wants and how to get it. Here in Obsessed with Myself, it’s quite obvious that this bitchy teen got what she wanted – to be exposed. Yes, of course, she knows that she’s here and right now I bet she’s counting hits and bragging about it to her fellow teenage naughty bitches. She’s just one of those really naughty girls who gets horny far too often that she decides to take off her clothes and spare no chance in revealing her fresh and young body. Read: to the entire planet. This delicious camwhore passed the photos standards because of very obvious reasons and we really don’t need to state them all coz they’re staring right at you in the face. I bet the only time that you’d make those perverted eyes blink is when you’re wanking that stiff cock and you’re on the verge of cumming — to make it even more heavenly — shutting those eyes would automatically take you to dreamland once you’ve climaxed and fucking mess your room up.

These photos not only show how much of an amateur this yummy teen is, but we actually have the full front view of her nice and firm pair of tits! This is one of the hot spots of being young, everything seems so new and just fucking mouthwatering. I’m imagining how she’d sound like if she were to take my hard big cock up her ass or in her tight pussy. Wow, that would definitely be music to my damn ears – better than Metallica! Ok, not a very good comparison, but I know you get what I mean. The complete photo collection of this hot and pretty babe is right here so go on and click it, you really don’t want to miss this one!