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Asian teen fucks her pussy and ass with a cucumber

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

This is one of the videos that I find really interesting. Usually, here in Obsessed With Myself, we feature sluts who love taking photos of themselves doing anything and everything naughty or filming themselves doing silly stuff. Well, as you can see, this is a video of an Asian slutty babe who can’t get enough of the yummy and fresh cucumber. She is not content with just drilling her cunt with it, she also finds a lot of pleasure in stuffing her ass using this same healthy and delicious tool. In the clips you are about to watch, you can see how horny she is while pleasing herself. Clearly, this chick don’t need much company to do these kinky stuff to herself. All she needs is a reliable webcam and her pal in this lucky fruit to get what she wants. is always packed with chicks like this and we’re pretty sure that we’d be showing you a lot more since there are really a lot of them who are so willing to show off their naughty stunts. The video is best viewed here and it’s worth your precious time coz she’s just too hot to ignore. Who in their right mind would ignore such great find, right? I know you want to watch this naughty hottie now, so we suggest you just click on this link and let us take you to her sweet and moist dungeon.

Topless blonde self-shooting in her bedroom

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

To get rid of those boring moments at home, all you got to do is get your camera and shoot away. And of course we’re talking about you making those hot poses with or without clothes on, with the exemption that you should look really kinky to pass the horny standards of No, we ain’t strict, but we all want something hot to jack off to, right? Like this nice blonde for instance, she’s got what it takes to be here — well, that’s why you’re looking at her now. These are only a few of the hot stuff she has for us and the whole collection can be viewed when you go here. She’s got nice and round set of racks and she didn’t keep them all to herself. She took photos of these topless and with her bra on and I must say that they look equally hot in both. It’s like even if she’s wearing a top, I can actually see through it and imagine myself digging in, licking her nips, and making her moan. Ahhh… heaven.

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Chick fucks her shaven pussy with a dildo

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009 got this video of a naughty chick who shaved her cunt clean and drilled it with her jello-like dildo. I must admit, I really think her sex toy looks so fucking delicious especially when she lets it in and out of her pussy. Two things that you can “eat” but are not really edible. But it’s perfectly fine since I don’t have any intention of turning carnivorous, just stay as plainly perverted as possible and enjoy licking and playing with my “food”. This anonymous chick got me hard right away and this boner will, I bet, stay as hard as your skull for an hour or two. Watching her dildo slide like that, twisting and turning on the right angels, makes me wish that it’s my fucking dick that’s banging her smooth and pink mound. I’m so into shaven twats, which allows my tongue to move freely in every fucking corner. This chick did one hell of a great job in keeping her pussy wide open and so inviting that will drive all of you nuts.

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