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Wild brunette with huge breasts and shaved pussy

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Obsessed With Myself presents to you this big-tittied babe who gets wild camwhoring inside her bedroom. She says she does this often to please her boyfriend (and everyone else who may happen to see her hot photos). She has been an avid fan of eversince her friends dared her to expose her naughty self in this site. Now that she reached her goal and will most probably pose more for us and she even suggested that she’d be inviting her girlfriends to do the same too since they too got what it takes to be the center of a jacking off spree. She’s so right about this coz I already met some of her equally hot and slutty friends. I’m telling you now, if you’re loving all these pictures and would want more, you will definitely see a lot more (maybe more than you can handle).

She can play all by herself alright but that doesn’t mean no one can join her dirty games. In these photos, her huge breasts could use some serious juggling and maybe, just maybe, we can feel the Earth shake a little. And with an inviting pussy, smoothly shaved for that extra pleasure, this girl will be the best friend of every cock in town! Fucking her huge tits and spreading cum all over her face will definitely make my prick break in half from too much stiffness. And because you want more, of course we know that pretty damn well, all you have to do is click this link and get loads more from this slutty whore.

Pretty chick and her huge titties

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Toying with a camera to take photos of herself inside her tornado-ridden quarters, this lovely and quite athletic built lady exposes twin peaks that could be the size of Mt. Fuji — only this pair are way too hot. With or without those black lace ensemble, her boobies literally standout and introduce themselves to a world full of dirty hands that are aching to grab and squeeze them mad. Obsessed With Myself jack off over these kind of bitches who are proud to show what they are made of. It’s always worth all the juice if it’s going to be splurged on yummy stuff like these.

It’s not just the hands that are dying to feel these dynamic duo, there are also hungry mouths and tongues to feed plus some naughty cocks that would want to bury themselves between these titties. Check out to view more.

Lovely Asian camwhores

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Ok, so… this is definitely not something where you can pour your bucket of orgasmic juice on. But since this incredibly enticing, fresh, and nice lady has got what it takes to be a certified slut — giving the slutty looks and boob-explosin’ angles — it’s never hard to imagine what dirty things you can do to her when she’s out of those insanely boring clothes! Top it off with the very obvious — her pair of huge titties are just dying to come out. Obsessed With Myself teaches you how to work up that dirty imagination and be extra, well, dirty. Bringing you this pretty piece of slutty merchandise that just needs just a little more push to strip and play. Oh, and not to forget that plump and juicy cock-sucking lips. Any schlong-inflicted species would want their pricks drivin’ in and out of it like a chocolate-covered strawberry lollipop inside a very busty teen’s warm mouth. Yum. You can view more of this hot Asian chicks photos at

Horny fresh and steamy bitches get naked

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Obsessed With Myself features these hot and horny ladies clicking away,  flirting with the camera, taking photos of themselves, while they show off their firm breasts and juicy fuck holes. Mirrors always come in handy for these type of voyeurs when they only have their perverted selves and reliable cameras with them.

With very little or no clothes at all, these tramps had one hell of a time exposing every inch of their womanhood in all ways possible. Bitches like these just crave for the ultimate wild company, which every lonely dong would most willingly want to give for an all-night banging. They may appear to be young and innocent but make no mistake about how well they can perform for you in bed. Sluts aren’t called such for nothing. One of them may have forgotten to undress for the camera and just be the whore that she is, well, at least one considered teaching anatomy noobs, especially those with stiff pricks, what a pussy looks like and welcomes them with legs wide open. For more hot and ready cunts and delicious tits, click here and get ready to choke those dicks for hours!

Blue-eyed hot babe plays with cam naked

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

A pretty and bored blue-eyed babe gets sizzling, decides to liven up her day by stripping off her clothes and playfully pose for the camera to take pictures of herself. This bitchy girl may own just a pair of medium-sized tits but still, the firm, pink and juicy nipples on them will get any horny cock a grand standing ovation. As if her nips aren’t tempting enough, Obsessed With Myself catch this horny babe lick ’em like a cherry on a slob of whipped cream.

Spreading her legs to reveal a clean-shaven mound of heaven – underneath, a more yummy and juicy piece of snack – all horny scumbag will definitely want to eat. You just want to bang this bitch hard and deep and make her scream for more!

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